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Vegas Style Slots Make Debut at Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Florida

The Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida, has been a destination for gamblers since it was built. Today the casino received a boost with the addition of Vegas style slots.

People lined up early to get the first glimpse of the new Vegas style slot machines that have been added at the Hard Rock. Many of the patrons could not wait to get their chance at winning money in the new machines.

“This is the first step in getting full gambling in Broward and I am excited about the prospects of not having to go to Las Vegas to enjoy a fully functional casino,” said longtime Broward resident John Bulcher. Bulcher had already won $100 in one of the machines when he spoke with representatives of CGW early this afternoon.

The new slots are part of a compact that the Seminoles signed with Governor Charlie Crist. In addition to the slot machines, the Seminoles also received the rights to allow Blackjack and Baccarat in their Florida casinos.

Today’s change of machines could end up being temporary. Several state politicians are challenging the compact in the Florida court system.

The Seminoles have already made a payment to the state for $50 million. 800 machines have been added at the Hard Rock.

Community College Presidents in Illinois Hoping For Gambling in Danville

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The public education systems around the country have received billions of dollars thanks to casino gambling, now presidents of universities in Illinois are hoping to bring the revenue generator to Danville.

Community college presidents around the state of Illinois have seen what revenue dollars from casinos have done in other areas, and they want some of that money for their schools.

Colleges in Illinois are in need of funding for construction projects that are in the works. The presidents see a casino as a way to come up with the funding necessary.

“I think we’ve almost reached the point in this state where we need to look at every possible source. It’s been so difficult to obtain any capitol funding that perhaps this is an attractive option only because it’s possible,” said Jonathon Astroth, president of Heartland community College.

His sentiments have been echoed by many of the presidents in the state. The funding has been hard to come by, leaving a casino as an attractive solution to the problem.

The idea is a good one, but might be hard to accomplish for Danville. Many places in Illinois are bidding to win the new licenses from the state. several factors will be used to determine the ultimate destination of the casinos.

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