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US Online Gambling Conspiracy Theory Continues

An intriguing email from an anonymous visitor was received by Casino Gambling Web. The email expressed how the entire online gambling situation over the past few years was all just a conspiracy played out brilliantly by the United States government. The goal, according to this email, is for the US to eventually take total control of an industry worth multi-billions of dollars per year. Following is the email…

So here’s the scenario:

For years, foreign operators have offered gambling services to Americans via the Internet. The industry explodes.

Domestic gambling companies complain to congress that they are not allowed to do this.

Years go by before the UIGEA, giving foreign operators the foothold with the American market that may be impossible for domestic companies to overcome.

Law gets passed to prevent foreign operators of such sites from being able to collect or pay money to customers.

U.S. makes minor concessions to countries that have complained, opening other markets to satisfy them and giving greater access to other areas of trade that will benefit more of the people.

Congress makes some minor changes to those agreements to ensure that safety and control is still run by the U.S.

Domestic gambling companies lobby congress to enact laws to allow certain types of Internet gambling at first, then over time phase in other areas.

Foreign companies would be prohibited from engaging in this trade due to agreements made as a result of prior negotiations and concessions by the U.S.

American companies become the world leader in online gambling.


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