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MGM Grand Casino Gambling Revenue Up In Detroit


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The MGM Grand casino in Detroit was put in their current location for one reason, to rack up revenue dollars and control the market in the area. June revenue numbers are showing that they have succeeded on both fronts.

Casinos around the country have been struggling to keep their revenue figures from dipping in light of the struggling economy. Almost all casinos in the country are experiencing the same problems. Some have even resorted to coming up with gimmicky promotions to bring in customers.

In Detroit, the MGM Grand Casino is having no such problems. They had revenues of $48.7 million for the month of June. That figure is up a whopping 26.2 percent from last year. T

The revenue increase was needed in the city to keep total revenue for all of the casinos in the city within one percent of last year’s figures in June. The other two casinos’ revenue included a ten percent decrease at MotorCity casino and an 18.5 percent decrease at Greektown Casino.

The $48.7 million that was taken in at MGM Grand more than doubled that of Greektown. Their revenue figures were $23.2 million for the month. MotorCity reported their revenue at $38.1 for June of 2008.

Lottery Winner Turns Down Free Gas For Life, takes Money

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In Florida the state lottery came up with a way earlier this week that they felt would help raise revenue through their new lottery tickets. They vowed to give away free gas for life to grand prize winners of their competition.

The first of those grand prize winners was chosen this week, and the man said no thanks to the offer from the state lottery. Bob Herron from Bonita Springs became the state’s first grand prize winner of the free gas.

When it came time to make the decision to take the gas or take the cash, he chose the gas. His age had much to do with turning down the gas. The distance that he drives also helped in the decision.

“I’m seventy years old. If I live for another twenty years, which is the minimum they pay out, I’ll be ninety, so I just decided to take the cash and enjoy it,” said Harron. he claims to only travel twenty four miles a day, to drop off and pick up his wife from work.

The cash payout he received was $39,000. The figure was actually higher, but taxes claimed some of the money. the amount before taxes was $52,000. There also were fifty lucky winners in the Florida Lottery this week that won free gas for a year.

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