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Mega Million Lottery Jackpot Finally Hit With Ticket From Georgia


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The Mega Millions lottery has been on the minds of millions of people across the United States. The multi state lottery game has been watching its jackpot grow over the past month and a half.

Just when it was beginning to look like the jackpot would approach one of the highest the game has ever had to offer, it all ended with five lucky numbers, and a lucky money ball.

Friday night, the Mega Millions Lottery jackpot top prize climbed all the way up to $270 million. If nobody would have hit, it would have just been a few more draws before it became the all time biggest jackpot.

That will not be the case after the winning ticket was sold at a convenience store in the small town of Portal, Georgia. The winning ticket came from Clyde’s Market 70. The general manager, Billy Hodges, said that one of his regulars bought the winning ticket.

The grand prize winner was not the only happy person after Friday’s drawing. Thirty six other players matched all five numbers in the drawing, but failed to match the money ball. They will each receive $250,000.

Oscar Gambling Heats Up as Awards Show Quickly Approaches

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The night that all entertainers wait for all year has finally arrived. This is their Super Bowl. The night that legends are made. The night the Oscars take over television.

While actors and actresses take most of the day getting ready for the big night, gamblers are busy assessing odds and making last minute wagers for the event.

Among the favorites tonight are Daniel-Day Lewis for Best Actor. If he does not win, it would be a major upset. Odds makers do not even have anyone close to his odds of -1600.

The Best Picture race is a tough one for gamblers to predict. The favorite is No Country For Old Men at -335. There are a couple Movies that could capture the award, however. There Will Be Blood and Juno are both close according to the odds at +220, and +350, respectively.

The Best Actress category seems to be a battle between three women. Marion Cotillard, Julie Christie, and Ellen Page, are all lumped together as the favorites. It would be no surprise if any of these talented women won the award.

The time for guessing is over. The preparations are complete and there is nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy the show while rooting for your favorite. Unless of course, there is a gambler in you. In that case, there are just a few precious minutes left to make your final bets.

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