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Victoria Leading The Way Into Television Gambling Era

People in this day and age are becoming increasingly lazy. Anything that can be done form their homes is considered a bonus in a time when daily life has become hectic.

In Victoria, the government has decided that it would be beneficial to allow people to gamble from their living rooms, or anywhere else in their houses where there is a television.

The government has given the go ahead for remote control betting using TAB. The system allows gamblers to set up accounts, then use those accounts to bet on horse racing events. It is the next generation of gambling.

The safety concerns were well thought out. To sign up and be a member, a long application process is available. There are also personalized PIN numbers in order to stop children from signing on and gambling.

The idea has been met with opposition. Senator-Elect Nick Xenophon has his concerns. “This is just another example of why the states can’t be trusted on gambling. This is a very dangerous precedent, that’s why we need the commonwealth to be involved,” he said.

Chances are that other states will follow Victoria’s lead. It would be a good thing that theses states will be open minded enough to see the benefits of using this controlled, innovative, form of gambling.

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